Eve Taylor Facials

From the world-renowned Eve Taylor, established in 1968 and is a very much recognized and respected in the professional beauty world. Having become a pioneer of aromatherapy in the last 40 years, Eve Taylor products follow the important criteria of being naturally safe & effective, and adopt a contamination-free packaging concept. They do not contain mineral oil, alcohol or artificial fragrance.

Eve Taylor Express Facial

Can targeting specific areas of concern, while helping to improve the texture and overall appearance of the skin. Enjoy an express cleanse, exfoliation, mask with a calming head massage, tone and hydrating moisturiser to finish.

(25mins) £34

Eve Taylor Prescription Facial

Choosing from the soothing, balancing, or purifying range, relax and enjoy a more in-depth skin analysis, steam is then used to create a deeper cleanse and exfoliation. A soothing shoulder face and head massage is then performed, followed by a prescriptive mask, tone and hydrating moisturiser to finish.

(50mins) £50

Eve Taylor Age Resist Facial

A rejuvenating and super hydrating facial, helping to stimulate cell vitality and increase the renewal of the firming tissues within the skin, creating a smoother and more resilient complexion. Deep cleanse and exfoliation using steam. A soothing shoulder and face massage is performed. Then one of our award-winning Beauty Procollagen, brightening, rejuvenating, or nourishing sheet masks will be applied while you enjoy a relaxing hand & arm massage finishing with either a collagen plumping or brightening vitamin c moisturiser complete with SPF protection to finish.

(65mins) £65

Galvanic & Microcurrent

Electrotherapy Facials

These are a range of facial treatments that use low amounts of electric current to pass through the skin producing several therapeutic effects such as: deep cleansing of the skin, muscle toning in the face and body and lifting of the facial contours. These are known as Galvanic & Micro-Current therapies.

Electrical treatments offer ways to address the issues that go with any skin condition to help maintain not only youthful appearance but also a healthy glow.

Microcurrent Facial

Uses a painless, low level, wave-form shaped current to stimulate re-program individual muscle fibres; causing small consistent contractions deep in the belly of the major facial muscles.

The impulses actually rehabilitate the muscles and improve circulation, texture and tone whilst smoothing fine lines; helping reverse the signs of ageing on both an immediate & long term basis. Regular use of microcurrent will continue to provide muscle strength and restore freshness, making it the ultimate gym workout for the face.

Microcurrent Facial

(60mins) £65

Course – Pay for 7 Microcurrent Facials and receive 1 Free (Course of 8 in Total)
Only £455 (Saving £65)

(Recommended frequency for optimum results – one treatment twice a week for 4 weeks)

Deluxe Microcurrent Facial

Includes a deeply nourishing collagen sheet mask that offers both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin, alongside a super relaxing shoulder and head massage.

(1 hour 20mins) £77

Tired Eyes Revive

Targets the signs of ageing and tiredness around the eye. Helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Tiny currents will gently tighten and tone the eye. This will be followed by a soothing and nourishing eye mask to help refresh and revive tired eyes.

(40mins) £42

Galvanic Facial

This involves the use of mild, electric and direct currents consisting of positive and negative ions to refresh, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin.

The treatment aims to improve the skin in two ways:

Deep Cleansing through a process called “Desincrustation” in which a pre-treatment gel with a negative charge is applied to the skin opening pores and drawing out all the dirt, bacteria and sebum built up in the skin from make- up and pollution, leaving you with a much deeper clean.

Then nourishing through a process called “Iontophoresis” where a second gel with a positive charge is applied to your deeply cleansed skin and effectively pushing all the active ingredients such as: vitamins, antioxidants or peptides beyond the superficial level.

(50 mins) £55