Hot Stone Massage

Stones are placed on the key energy points of the body, bringing an aura of warmth whilst the deep penetrating heat from the stones are used to massage parts of the body using traditional techniques. The result to soothe and ease aching muscles and restore balance to the body and mind.

Aroma Hot Stone Back Massage

(30mins) £45

Aroma Hot Stone Full Body Massage

(70mins) £75

 Back, Face & Scalp Hot Stone Treatment

A back cleanse, tone & exfoliation followed by a calming hot stone back massage, then a face cleanse, tone, exfoliation with a relaxing hot stone face and shoulder massage. Hydrating face mask then applied followed by a soothing scalp massage & (Optional) conditioning hair mask worked through the hair. A brightening face moisturiser is applied to finish.

(70mins) £75

Warm Bamboo Massage

Bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameters are gently warmed which glide and roll throughout different parts of the body. Long deep strokes are then used to slowly break down tension and stretch out sore tight muscles. This greatly improves joint and muscle flexibility. The techniques used are based more around Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.

 Bamboo Back Massage

(40 mins) £55

 Bamboo Full Body Massage

(80 mins) £85

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy that brings about a state of deep relaxation by stimulating the body’s own healing process and helping it return to a place of balance and well- being. Following stress, trauma, injury or illness vital energy pathways in the body get blocked causing imbalances and prevent it from functioning normally. Reflexology will detect these and work specific reflex points on the feet to initiate a beneficial response to the corresponding areas of the body & organs. Pressure techniques are applied to these reflexes which stimulate movement of energy along nerve channels, improving circulation and encouraging the release of toxins from the body. It can be used to help alleviate pain and discomfort that is associated with a huge number of health issues from stress and anxiety, back or hip problems, sciatica, arthritis pain, IBS and other digestion problems, headaches or migraines amongst many other conditions.

(45mins) £45

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology has all the benefits and principles of foot reflexology but with the added bonus of giving the complexion a younger more radiant glow. It helps the skin appear tighter smoother and plumper over a series of treatments. It is considered a natural alternative to ‘Botox’. The face provides a beautiful tool in reading what is going on within the body due to its close proximity to the brain and cranial nerves make the light compression of reflex points have a powerful and immediate impact on the body systems once stimulated.

I was trained at the London School of reflexology by Ziggie Bergman founder of the ‘Bergman Method’ and leading Facial and Foot Reflexologist. Developed over 20 years and based on William Fitzgerald’s theory of ‘Zone Therapy’ this method also uses native American techniques along with Asian body mapping. The many benefits include improvement of circulation to the face and head speeding up exchange of oxygen and nutrients. Improves lymphatic drainage aiding the removal of toxins. Relieves sinusitis/congestion and tension in the muscle tissue. Also relieves mental strain and improves concentration.

(60mins) £60

Soothing Facial Cleanse & Exfoliation, Calming Facial Oil applied followed by the powerfully balancing Facial Reflexology sequence.

Indian head

 Ancient Massage techniques to help soothe and relieve the scalp and shoulders from the stress and tension built up during day to day life.

(30mins) £40